Business Interruption Insurance


To put the owner of the company back in the financial position he was in before the event occurred.

(Business interruption insurance covers businesses for a loss of income during periods when they cannot carry out business as usual due to an insured event (eg. such as fire or flood, or any other event that prevents businesses from operating as usual causing a financial loss),”. “It aims to put you back in the same trading position it was in before the event occurred.

“In the unfortunate circumstance of COVID-19 this would be covered under the ‘unspecified notifiable diseases’ which is an exception and you will have had to effectively close your premises mandated by local authorities and have suffered an economic loss in order to make a successful claim.” Which is relative to what we are experiencing today.

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Home Insurance

We protect you against loss of or damage to your house and its contents caused by fire, lightning explosion, riot and strike, malicious damage, impact by aircraft, road vehicles or animals, burst pipes, theft or attempted theft, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, windstorm, tidal wave and earthquake. Accidental damage to underground pipes and cables and glass and sanitary ware is also covered.

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Motor Insurance

Motor insurance for ppl who are confined to home- offer the online service. Pay online or Whatsapp

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Private Health Insurance

The importance of having Private Health insurance due to the unexpected:

Purpose- Private health insurance covers policyholders for hospital and medical expenses most of which is not covered by public healthcare giving the patient control of their private healthcare treatment.

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